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For a test comparing a standard setup with a keg covered in a KegSheet, the KegSheet keg stays colder longer, while the ice keg gets warmer faster. The control keg (“ice keg”) was setup as would be commonly seen, a keg inserted into a plastic tub, with ice. The test keg (“KegSheet keg”) was covered in a KegSheet. Beer temperatures were monitored over time.

A third option is to use a KegSheet over a keg with ice, that can provide the longest cooling, as the KegSheet protects both the keg and the ice. The chart below illustrates this comparison. Results can vary based on setup and environmental conditions.

Comparison Chart



Here are some tips that might be helpful:

  • Add a bag of ice under the cover to help prolong the cool
  • Tuck any excess material under the keg to help prolong the cool
  • Tape the top hole to create a tight seal and help prolong the cool
  • Place covered keg inside a plastic tub to help prolong the cool
  • Layer the covers to help prolong the cool
  • Cover can be gently hand-washed/cleaned for reuse
  • Made from the incredible Heatsheets® advanced flexible fabric
  • Recyclable with other LDPE-4 materials (i.e. plastic bags) – Please consider removing the tape reinforcements prior to recycling
  • Read all instructions and warnings on back of the package insert before use
  • Enjoy it safely


Product Summary

The KegSheet provides a new way to enjoy cold beer with friends more easily than ever before. It is a compact, reusable, insulating keg cover that is great for your wallet and the environment. Use it without ice for an entire party, or over a keg with ice for extended cooling. Keg setup can take a while and be expensive. The reusable KegSheet makes this easy.


The idea came about while helping a friend set up for a barbecue. We needed to keep a keg cold and thought, kegs don’t need more ice, they’re already cold. They need less heat around them, so they stay cold. We covered the keg in a reflective material to keep heat out, and it worked. It was a breakthrough, and concept design led to the patent-pending KegSheet™.

How It Works

The KegSheet uses radiant barrier material technology originally developed by NASA for the Apollo shuttle program. This technology protects astronauts, space capsules, and satellites from extreme temperatures in space (-400˚F to 400˚F).

This same material technology reflects up to 90% of heat away and forms a protective barrier around the keg, keeping heat out and holding cold air in. With less heat able to reach the keg, it stays colder longer, even in direct sunlight.


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